Painting the ‘media room’

November 24th, 2007 · No Comments

A great way to spend Thanksgiving week it is not.

Kimberly and I spent last weekend prepping the media room for a new coat of paint — we’ve only been talking about this since 2004! We emptied the room of all furniture, electronics, and other stuff, then taped off the trim. Lots and lots and lots of trim — crown molding, floor molding, door and window molding. Oh, and closet shelves. Then there was the taping down of the plastic drop cloth to protect the floor. The spackling-in of holes. The quick scrub of the wall surfaces. All in all, it took the whole weekend to ‘prep’.

So this week, I’ve been coming home from work each night to paint. Monday it was the trip to Home Depot to buy the buckets of paint, brushes, rollers, etc. The very nice, but dull, guy at the paint department finally convinced us to buy tinted primer (like Kimberly’s sister Katie had been trying to do) since it would save having to do coats of our target deep, dark, red. Behr calls our chosen color “Chianti”. So Tuesday, I came home and painted primer. Wednesday I came home and painted Chianti. Thursday I came home, yes I worked on Thanksgiving — but that’s a different story, and painted more Chianti. Friday, guess what? Yes, I came home and painted yet more Chianti.

And today? It’s too early to tell if we really should have a fourth coat of Chianti. Perhaps today we’ll get to pull all the tape down and reassemble the room. If not, then that will be tomorrow. Like I said at the beginning, not a great way to spend Thanksgiving.

BTW: Kimberly and I are not convinced the primer helped at all. Three coats of paint is usually all we’ve ever needed to ensure a solid, even tone throughout the room, and the red, err Chianti, has not seemed that different going up. I mean besides the fact that it looks like blood.

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