Bye Bye DirecTV

January 5th, 2008 · No Comments

A couple days ago I called up DirecTV and cancelled our service with them. A 10+ year relationship is now severed. Even though they kept telling me that I was an “A list” customer, they sure didn’t fight too hard to keep me — only making a half-hearted attempt to find out why I was cancelling. It was funny when the DirecTV guy in ‘customer retention’ asked me if there was anything he could do to change my mind. I told him I didn’t think he had the authority or capability to do what would be necessary. He said to try him, so I told him that if he could promise a Tivo interface, instead of their own, on DVRs that worked with MPEG4, I wouldn’t leave. He laughed for a bit and agreed that certainly wasn’t going to happen and that he *totally* understood what I was talking about.

All of our DirecTV boxes will soon be auctioned off through something like eBay. If anyone wants them rather than fighting the auction hordes, speak up now. 🙂

We’ve placed our eggs in the Tivo w/ cable-card basket and will soon be acquiring another Tivo — whether it is the Tivo HD or a Tivo Series 3 remains to be seen. The former is cheaper but the latter supposedly supports a higher internal bandwidth which could mean a better picture quality. The latter also supports more external storage options. They priced these just differently enough to make it a tough choice.

I’ve also heard more news about the USB device that will enable Tivo to work with SDV (Switched Digital Video) — it should be out sometime this quarter according to what I’ve read. The problem is I’m not sure how I get one yet since Time Warner Austin hasn’t responded to my e-mails about that.

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