More HD channels … but they’re SDV

February 2nd, 2008 · 1 Comment

On January 31, 2008, Time Warner Austin added more HD channels to their lineup (National Geographic, History Channel, Fox Business News, Versus/Golf, Lifetime Movie Network, etc.) Unfortunately for us Tivo lovers, they are ALL Switched Digital Video (SDV) which means that the Tivo can not tune them in. 🙁

You see, SDV channels are not always available on the same frequency on your cable line. Thus, they require your device, in this case my Tivo, to send a request for the channel’s frequency down the cable line. The cable co’s hardware somewhere down that line gets this request, starts sending that channel on a frequency on your line if it wasn’t already being sent, and then responds back to your device with the frequency to tune in to in order to display the channel.

The problem for me is that neither a Tivo HD nor a Tivo Series 3 was built to send the request, nor receive the response. Both assume channels are always available at the same frequency which just isn’t true in an SDV-world. Supposedly there will be USB-pluggable devices made available soon by the cable companies to enable Tivos to make these requests and get the responses. I need to ping Time Warner Austin again to see if they’re available here in Austin yet.

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    […] After browsing the web tonight, I’ve found the following signs of progress that eventually (2008 Q2???) my Tivos will be able to get SDV (Switched Digital Video) channels from Time Warner Austin. (For a brief description of SDV, please see my earlier post.) […]

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