Programming A Pronto and Some Tivo Weirdness

February 14th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Last weekend I was updating the layout and programming of my Pronto TSU3000 remote to control our Tivo Series 3 — we had previously had that in a different room but recently moved it into the media room with the projector. Full Tivo control of our 120″, 1080p HD, picture! SWEET! HD quality Tivo totally rocks! I pretty much can’t stand to go back to SD TV channels anymore. <whine> Why is it taking so long for everything to be broadcast in HD? </whine>

Anyway, I noticed that I didn’t have codes for all the buttons on the new back-lit Tivo remote that comes with the Series 3. (My previous programming for the Pronto had only a page and codes for a Series 1 Tivo.) The ProntoEdit software you use to program the remote (via a USB connection) does contain two code sets for Tivos, so I looked at those but there weren’t any options for some of the buttons. I ended up having to manually learn the codes, which was actually surprisingly difficult compared to similar efforts I’d done for my other remotes (NAD receiver, Sony HS10 projector, Panasonic PTAE2000U, etc.) IIRC, the Pronto software recommends holding the button down until the software reports learning the code or failing to learn the code, but that never seemed to get a code that actually worked. And it just plain failed alot of the time I tried it. My fallback technique, which I picked up from the experience of programming those other remotes, of very short button presses, didn’t seem to work either. After alot of trial and error, I eventually found the sweet spot of holding the button down for about a second and a half allowed the ProntoEdit software to learn the IR codes. These learned codes were significantly longer within the custom code editor widget than most of the other codes I’d manually learned. This still worries me a bit, but testing shows that the codes work just fine. At least so far.

I feel like I should also mention this weird thing where, somehow, the Tivo got in some weird state where the ‘Live TV’ button didn’t actually switch between tuners, but instead simply brought up the guide. No amount of toggling any settings on the Tivo would get the tuner toggle feature back. Kimberly and I were getting pretty annoyed by last night (Wednesday) — it was surprising how often we used that feature. But today, for some other reason, Kimberly restarted the Tivo and when it came back up, the Live TV button worked again! And, amazingly, the learned code also worked to switch tuners! We can finally put the Tivo remote in a drawer somewhere and forget about it! (If you do that too, don’t forget to remove the batteries before they leak and corrode the electrical contacts!)

I love my Pronto remote with its fully programmable touch screen and hard buttons! Just enough hard buttons to do most common operations.

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