Freerollin’ Poker Again

March 1st, 2008 · No Comments

Well, today I played my first game of poker since, well, probably since at least last summer. Being nervous about my play I only did a play-money NLHM (No-Limit Hold’Em) SNG (Sit-N-Go) as I was struggling to even remember what the hand rankings were. Clearly it has been too long! Anyway, I came in 3rd out of 27 which means I ‘cashed’.

And yes, even that ‘cash’ counts for me as you can sell play money chips for real, good ol’, US dollar bills. Don’t ask me why, I still don’t know why anyone would be on the other side of that transaction! But there are people on the other side of that table, and I’ve used them enough to exchange play-money chips for probably $70. From that, I’ve built up my bankroll up to a high of $300 (it’s around $180 now.) That’s $180 after investing $0.00 dollars and only my spare time. It took me about half a year, perhaps 3/4ths of a year, to build up to that bankroll from 1,000 in free play-money chips.

I’ll try to keep updating my blog with my progress on earning my way into the WSOP Main Event without investing a dime of real money. Given the time I have before this year’s event, and my schedule of other things to do, I expect I won’t make it this year. But you never know.

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