Ubuntu 7.10 FTW

March 21st, 2008 · No Comments

So, more than two weeks ago, I asked what linux distribution you would choose to host a Python web-app. The response has been overwhelmingly … nothing. I guess no one reads this blog who does any Python development, or perhaps just no one reads this blog? Nevertheless, I’ve made a decision of what I’ll be trying: Ubuntu.

The first reason I settled on Ubuntu is that it is clear lots of Python development happens on Ubuntu. Exhibit A to support this is my own experiences of the past week. I just got back from PyCon 2008 in Chicago where my employer had a vendor booth where I, and my co-workers, were handing out Python distribution CD’s for Windows and RHEL. More than half the people we tried to give a CD to replied that the CD would be a coaster for them as they didn’t run either of those OSes. Approximately half of *those* people said they run Ubuntu (and the other half said Mac OSX.) This mass of Python users on Ubuntu should make it easy to find help online for any problems I run into.

Another reason is that my use of Distrowatch’s search capability shows that Ubuntu is one of the only major distributions that includes Python 2.5.1 in a fully released version. Fedora 8 and OpenSUSE 10.3 also do, but not a single person I ran into at PyCon said they used OpenSUSE, and only a few use (or worked for) Fedora. And while I have experience with a RedHat environment like Fedora, I have absolutely none with OpenSUSE. However, I have probably as much experience running Ubuntu as a result of my day job as I do with using Fedora, so at best Ubuntu and Fedora are tied on this point.

The last reason is that the Ubuntu Server installation claims to provide an installation option that automatically configures a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) stack. Ubuntu claims this saves a significant amount of configuration work that would otherwise be needed to tie this stack together. I have no idea how much it really helps, nor how easy it will be to replace the PHP part with Python, but perhaps it will help somewhat.

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