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June 24th, 2008 · No Comments

Man, it’s been a long-time since I posted.  I’m gonna break that streak by first admitting that I’m a clumsy idiot.  You see, Kimberly and I have recently gotten ourselves a Wii and while playing Wii sports, I hit our older black-and-white screened Pronto remote off of the back of a chair.  Normally, it falls onto the carpeted floor rather harmlessly, but this time it’s fragile LCD was hit squarely into the sharp corner of the new Wii sitting on the floor behind the chair.  The sound of shattering glass (or is it plastic) was rather disconncerting.  While the remote’s hard buttons still work, the touchscreen was now toast since the spider-web of cracks borked the ability to sense the location of a finger.

Now comes the fun part of this post.  We’ve just rectified our problem of having to have 5 remotes on hand by ordering a brand new Pronto TSU9400.   While it is a bit of a pricey item, it turns out that getting a new TSU3500 (which is what I broke)  wasn’t that much less in cost. (That’s me rationalizing btw.)  Okay, I admit it, the TSU9400 costs twice as much.  Anyway, the TSU9400 is supposed to arrive on Friday and then I’ll spend the weekend porting our programming to the new device.

I’m psyched about the new remote as it has a few more hard buttons, targeted at those heavy DVR users it seems — which we definitely are — plus it has a high res color screen.  That color screen should seriously aid our ability to create a quality user interface that makes it easy to distinguish actionable buttons vs descriptive text, common buttons from infrequently used ones, etc.   Finally, this Pronto claims to be activity-based rather than equipment-based — which I’m hoping means it has some memory or state storage so it can tell if devices are already on or off, etc.  We’ll see soon!

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