What Brown Can Do For Me

June 28th, 2008 · 1 Comment

What Brown Can Do For Me:  Do your freaking job and get me my package!  I’ve not been happy with UPS for a long time but this kinda takes the cake.   I didn’t get my TSU9400 yesterday like I expected because UPS decided to have it stop in the middle of the flood-ravaged midwest states on its way from the store’s warehouse in Pennsylvania to Texas where, of course, they promptly delayed further shipping due to inclement weather.   Why would you send newly shipped packages into disaster areas??? Route around that.   I thought these people were supposed to be experts in logistics?

Since I’m already complaining about UPS, let me tell you about the thing that most ignores me.  They never ring the doorbell when the deliver to my house.  Absolutely.  Never.   Even when I have taped a sign to the door saying “I’m home.  Please ring bell over there” and I draw a nice little arrow pointing right at the thing.  They’ve still not rung the bell!  I’ve had UPS leave multiple packages that required signatures sitting on the stoop when I or someone else has been home.   I don’t like this for two reasons.  First I don’t like them leaving packages worth thousands of dollars sitting out where any Joe Schmoe wandering by can pick them up and walk off with them.   Second, I don’t like when they leave perishable items like food sitting in the Texas heat.   Is it too much to ask the driver to frickin’ push the button?  It’s not like he has to sit around and wait for an answer (but he should wait when a signature is required!)  Hell, the FedEx guy is already driving away when I get to opening the door, but at least he pushed the button.  Even when I don’t have a sign taped to the door!   Perhaps UPS drivers just can’t read?

Dammit, get me my package.  If all online retailers offered a choice, I’d never, ever, ever use “Brown” again.

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  • 1 Kimberly // Jun 28, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    I’ve got to just add my own little personal complaint to this post. Not only do the people at UPS have issues actually delivering a package, but now that they’ve hijacked our package in the middle of a flood zone we can’t even call someone to find out when it will actually be delivered. On the website, you can track your package but all it says now is “ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS” instead of an actual date of when it will be delivered. And no where that I can find on their website or package delivery phone line can you find out how to talk to an actual real live person.

    This is why I think UPS sucks – when your whole business model is package delivery & you really can’t pull that off, well, what’s the point?

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