This blog is where I post whatever stream-of-consciousness, silly mental rambling, crazily typed bull^W, random thoughts that occur to me.

My name is Dave Peterson (though I’ve been known to answer to ‘david’, ‘davmp’, ‘dmp1991’, and even in a time long, long ago, ‘puggy’) and I’m trying to accomplish a few things with this blog. First, I’m trying to capture information for my own purposes so I can look it up later. Experience has shown this will primarily be information about network and IT configurations.  This be because there is so much complexity to that stuff, yet it’s not that often that I deal with it, that if I didn’t capture it in some way I’d spend so much time rediscovering what I’d previously done that I’d be dead before I’d have enough free time to do anything else, say perhaps, play another game of poker. That being said, I reserve the right to document anything at all because I’m getting older every day and clearly my memory won’t last forever so written records about wildly obscure topics like how to breathe, chew gum, and walk may soon come in handy.

Second, assuming someone besides me ever comments on the things I write, I plan to engage others in discussions around current topics and issues. This would occur via carefully crafted, subtlely worded, stupidly ignorant of social mores, and just plain highly provocative questions. I expect these sorts of things to be in the realms of software development, home theater equipment and setup, poker strategy, music creation and listening, and possibly even the price of tea in china and which type of cheese is best loved by squirrels — I think that Texas squirrels prefer Brie but my poll hasn’t been scientific, nor statistically significant.

I do reserve the right to edit comments posted to my blog in order to keep things somewhat civil.

I do run ads on this blog, but you people don’t click enough of them, so I’m forced to go begging to support my family. Or at least that’s what I do when I’m not working as a Director of Software Engineering. My employer does not endorse this blog and I do not represent them in anyway when writing on here. My job is fun and interesting and takes a significant amount of time because it just isn’t easy to corral and organize a bunch of talented, strong-willed, and intelligent sentient beings. Things would be so much easier if the development team was composed of mind-reading robots who never needed sleep. I guess it would also be easier if money grew on trees in my backyard but so far my planting have not survived the winter.

MMmmmm. Squirrels love cheese!

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